Nilgiri Clouded Yellow


A three day Butterfly survey will commence at Munnar on 24th sept.

This is the first comprehensive and scientific butterfly survey ever done in the Munnar Landscape. The area is characterised by a wide variety of habitat a starting from the low lying dry scrub jungles of the chinnar wildlife sanctuary to the ascending peaks with shola Forests in the 4 adjoining shola national parks and to reach a climax at the eravikulam national park with vast spreads of grass lands. There is a wide gradient of altitude, temperature and vegetation which all puts a lepidopteran enthusiast in great excitement.

The preperations of a butterfly calander for the chinnar WLS;  the 1st time in the world is attempted by the same expert team under munnar wildlife division.

The present event is being organised by the wildlife division munnar, Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department with support from NGOs with expertise in this field. Around 100 butterfly enthusiasts are expected to participate in this unique event.Travancore Natural History Society headed by Dr Kakesh, Kottayam Nature Society headed by dr Sreekumar, Dr Toms. , and many nature related NGOs are participating in the programme. Dr E Kunhikrishnan will be the coordinator.

All the four Shola National Parks and the Chinnar WLS will be systematically surveyed by establishing strategic base-camps covering all the elevations and habitats.The data will be gathered using structured checklists and data sheets and critically analysed with gps readings.

The information generated will be useful for the further management of these protected areas and would help in monitoring the health of our ecosystems, as butterflies are good ecological indicators. The up gradation of checklist is of much value to the researchers and is upheld by the scientific community all over south India.