Inauguration of Various Programmes

Kerala Forest & Wildlife Department and Kerala Lalithakala Academy are jointly conducting a 3 days camp at Munnar forest areas with famous photographers. Kerala forest department is implementing some programmes in association with HREW & EPA, MEWS, SPCA, Merchant Association, Labour Association, Medias and other NGOs for the social development, protection of eco system and environmental protection and also they are decided to submit the following project to the public.

  1. To build a nest to house sparrow : To built nest to threatened species of house sparrow with the help of public in public places, ration shops, vendor outlet, market, streets, schools, tourism areas etc. A few earthen pots will be distributed to the Panchayat Presidents of Munnar and Vattavada, Secretary, SPCA, President HREW & EPA for erecting them at identified localities. The localities were identified 2 months before based on a survey in two panchayats.(Venue: Forest Dormitory, Munnar Time 10.30 am)
  2. Remembrance Tree: To provide fruit bearing plants to the best three participants of students in nature education camp undertaken by Wildlife Division, Munnar. At the end of every nature camp 3 best students will be selected and they will be awarded with a tree of remembrance with a certificate showing the same. Along with they are provided with a addressed post card to the Headmaster/Principal of the institution to inform the Wildlife Warden, Munnar about the condition of the seedlings, 6 months after planting the same. This includes fruit trees especially mango, njaval, jackfruit etc in and around school premises ensuring their protection through the participation of nature camps who attends the nature camp at Munnar Wildlife Division. Good poly bag seedling will be given to 3 best performed students by the Hon. Forest Minster at the time of inauguration. (Venue: Forest Dormitory, Munnar Time 10.35 am)
  3. Camp of photography: Forest & Wildlife department and Kerala Lalithkala academy together organise a camp for photographers in forest. Kerala lalithkala academy has selected reknowned photographers from India and they will be camping in various tourism zone of Wildlife Division, Munnar. This camp will be inaugurated by the Hon. Minister by clicking a snap. (Venue: Forest Dormitory, Munnar Time 10.40 am)
  4. The first Sale of Tribal product: The forest dependant tribal people of Muduvan and Hill Pulaya communities had developed a few marketable products like Homemade chocolate (Eravikulam National Park), handmade booklets, handmade soap, handmade agarbathies etc. under the supervision of Forest Department. These eco friendly products can be sold through our eco shops and through other departments, vendors etc. This will provide self sustainability to the women and other disabled people in this society. The Hon. Minister will conduct the first sale of these materials. (Venue: Forest Dormitory, Munnar Time 10.45 am)
  5. Training: A total number of 42 tribal watchers were newly appointed in this Division for the protection purpose. They have to be given proper orientation for the management of the forest. An orientation class will be conducted for 2 days at Forest Dormitory, Munnar under Munnar Wildlife Division. This will be inaugurated by the Hon. Minister. (Venue: Forest Dormitory, Munnar Time 10.50 am)

The above programmes are inaugurated by the Honourable Minister for Forests, Environment, Transport, Sports and Cinema Sri. Thiruvanchur Radhakrishnan. In this occasion, Sri. S. Rajendran MLA. Devikulam, will presided the programme and Sri. Joice George, M.P of Idukki will make the key stone speech.

This is reported for favour of necessary information.

Programme Details


Welcome Speech: Sri. S. C. Joshy IFS (Principal Chief Conservator of Forest(D&PFM)

Presiding: Sri. S. Rajendran (MLA, Devikulam)

Inauguration: Sri. Thiruvanchur Radhakrishnan (Hon. Minister for Forests-Environment,Transport, Sprots and Cinema)

Keystone speech: Sri. Joice George (MP, Idukki)


Sri. M T Thomas ( President, Idukki District Panchayat)
Sri. R Karuppasamy (President, Devikulam Block panchayat)
Sri. D Kumar ( Member, Idukki District panchayat)
Smt. Sulila Ananth( Member, Idukki District panchayat)
Smt. M manimozhi (President, Munnar Grama panchayat)
Smt. Chinthamony Selvam (President, Vattavada Grama panchayat)
Smt. Kavitha Kumar (President, Devikulam Grama panchayat)
Smt. Usha Hendry Jose (President, Marayoor Grama panchayat)
Sri. S Madhavan (President, Kanthalloor Grama panchayat)
Sri. A K Moni (Ex-MLA, Devikulam)
Sri. Rajaram (Member, Devikulam Block Panchayat)
Smt. Mallika (Member, Devikulam Block Panchayat)
Sri. Paramasivan (Chairman, Welfare Standing Committee)
Smt. Jaqulin Mary (Chairman, Development Standing Committee)
Smt. Uma Maheswary (Member, Munnar Grama panchayat)
Sri. K A Francis (Chairman, Kerala Lalithkala Academy)
Sri. Vaikom A K Shiibu (Secretary, Kerala Lalithkala Academy)
Sri. Chithra Krishnankutty (Executive Committee member, Kerala Lalithkala Academy)
Sri. B Baburaj (Executive Committee member, Kerala Lalithkala Academy)
Sri. M V Sasikumar (Area Secretary, CPI(M)
Sri. P Palanivel (Mandalam Secretary, CPI)
Sri. G Muniandi (President, Block Congress Committee)
Sri. Mathiyazhakan (President, BJP)
Sri. R Mohanan (President, MEWS)
Sri. V B Kariyappa (Chairman, HREW & EPA)
Sri. M N Jayachandran (District President, SPCA)
Sri. Jebbakumar Simon (President, Kerala Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithi)
Sri. C H Jaffer (President, Kerala Vyapari Vyavasayi Samithi)
Sri. Shibu Sankalathil (Munnar Press Club)

Vote of thanks: Sri. Justine Mohan IFS (Conservator of Forests, HRC, Munnar)